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There is information and knowledge and wisdom out there

Rabbit, in the present age where information is flooded, information does not have value, but is it possible to systematize the information and sublimate it into knowledge that can be useful to you?

Also, do you handle that knowledge correctly with "wisdom"? I strongly feel that the point of view is most needed nowadays

In a story that became famous a while ago

A week's worth of information in the New York Times is equivalent to a lifetime's worth of 18th-century humankind, and a day's worth of Japanese information is equivalent to a lifetime's worth of information in the Heian period. There was something equivalent to the amount, and one year's worth of people in the Edo Period

In modern times, more than 90% of the information on the internet seems to be from the last 2 or 3 years, and in this modern age where information is flooded like this, "information itself" already has value. Don't you understand that it doesn't make sense?

In Information, Knowledge and Wisdom

Each has a different dimension

Information" means that when you turn on the TV, when you open a magazine, when you open the Internet, sometimes you hear it from your friends. It is the existing cobblestone mixture data.

(* Mixture of cobblestones: A mixture of good and bad)

Knowledge" is the art of systematically arranging this point-to-point information and utilizing it according to the purpose. It is something like an "information network" that has become a line

So, what is "wisdom"?

Wisdom is ``the ability to judge things correctly according to the path of reason.'' It is a bird's-eye view of three-dimensional, whether or not it follows the path of reason.

It is the mechanism of the route that is comprehensively systematized and gathered together at the end of the connecting line between the dots. It means a thorough understanding of "The mechanism of the natural world = Reason"

In the East, we call that nature, or even the logic of the universe, positive

In other words, ``correctness'' means that it can be divided according to the viewpoint of ``whether or not it is in accordance with reason.'' Acts that hurt people in the name of "justice" are rampant.

This is not justice, it is a judgment based on a narrow view based on a personal opinion, and it is already not the original "justice". Isn't there?

*In this case, it is normal for people who have a "low-dimensional information space" caught only in one-dimensional "points" of things to act like this