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Between normal and abnormal, children called "gifted"

Do you know the children called Gifted

A child with a strong intellectual curiosity and talent in a certain field from an early age, and because of his high ability and talent, he tends to find it difficult to get used to school life in the field

Gifted children's lack of environment and ability to respond is currently a problem

In developed countries such as the United States, support for the education of gifted children has been in place for some time, such as skipping grades, right?

This story is about a child who owns Fated Heaven and who is trapped in a "world with limits = a world with limits" called "normal", which can crush talent. , It is also connected to parenting methods for children with abnormal zodiac

If a child has the vertical line "Intangible Talent", that is, if he/she possesses some kind of talent, such as academics or arts, then within the age of 12, a glimpse of that talent will be revealed. tend to be pronounced

At this time, even if your child's specialty or talent has shifted to a specific field, it is difficult to get along with the school or keep pace with the surroundings.

Instead of forcibly "trying to fit in with the surroundings," parents should environmental maintenance in the direction of intellectual curiosity that their child's feelings of "like" make them known. Desired

What does that mean

In many cases, children who have such special talents have a corresponding "factor", and what is that factor? It means that you have a high chance of owning Fateful HeavenorAbnormal Zodiac

As mentioned above, raising a child who is destined to have a heavenly death or an abnormal zodiac by applying it to "normal" or "general standards" will destroy the child's talent and life.

You need to be extra careful because whether you stretch it out or force it to keep pace with the surroundings and push it in, it can cause a big change in your life (for the worse) after that

In this world, there are people who have an "average and ordinary role" and people who deviate from that ordinary and take on the "role of pioneering new ground

The above-mentioned children with fateful death and abnormal zodiac possession are those who completely played the role of the latter, and I will obediently prepare the environment as it is with their unique talents (= areas of specialty). As long as it is possible, it can naturally fulfill its role

At this time, when parents stick to the "normal world

In other words, if you try to fit a child into other children or the average values of the world, the child will gradually lose the ability to express himself or herself, and the buds of life's possibilities will be plucked.

(Inherently, fleas with high jumping power lose their high jumping power after being pushed into a small box for a certain period of time. Many non-standard people, such as Mr. Maezawa, fall under these categories)

Originally, keeping a person with the sensibility of "unusual special talent = genius = abnormal" that deviates greatly from the average value in a "normal environment" itself is an even more abnormal (= average

As long as people with talents and idiosyncrasies that deviate from the average are provided with an "abnormal environment = unusual environment", they will say Abnormal x Abnormal=Normal. To

On the contrary, the person himself settles down to "normal

It is said that when a genius child is provided with an environment where there are many other genius children, the child becomes an "ordinary child" in the genius group. I think it will be easier to understand if you can imagine the scenery

Among the children with special talents, aren't they just "ordinary children" like everyone else? On the contrary, if a "general, very ordinary child" enters such a group, the ordinary child will instead become an "abnormal child".

The criteria for normal and abnormal (=special talent) is environment

In other words, if there are parents who are having trouble with the educational policy of their children with special talents, I think that there are many problems that arise from deviating from the average.

We recommend that you keep in mind that you need a different yardstick that does not apply to the "small world of ordinary

If you look around the world, there are few children who show their talents honestly, and in many cases, by killing themselves and adapting to their surroundings, their innate goodness is crushed, and even when they grow up, their lives do not work.

The fact that humans are made up of their environment

In that sense, you might say that post-war education is a "human robot factory

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