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[Study of reason] About the difference between Eastern destiny and Western astrology

Sanmei is the study of reason

Recently, I've been getting a lot of questions about the differences between Eastern and Western astrology, so I've asked about these differences and

①Conceptual difference, starting with the conclusion

Regarding whether or not you have a ``thought and philosophy that can make sense of things''

What does this mean

From the point of view of being able to speculate about the future, future times, and the end of life, both are the culmination of their respective technologies.

The biggest feature of Eastern destiny is

The world's universe can be classified from the point of view of reason, and can be used in all activities for people to "live", such as politics, economy, military strategy, social techniques, management, etc. "

Suppose a person gives a gift to his lover

Suppose one time, when the two lovers were quarreling, then (= if you act like that) return the gift I gave you earlier

At this point, if you have a background in sanmenology with a "knowledge of the path of reason", then it is natural that this person is not a truly self-established, independent person. You will be able to guess

This is based on the understanding of the way of things, and the possible events and phenomena are considered and dealt with according to the original "path brought about by the providence of nature". to be able to go

The foregoing statement is the kind of statement never made by a truly self-established person,

And Because you haven't been able to "truly establish yourself(=The imperfection of Penetia which means true independence and self-establishment of human beings)

Because you can't reach the state of selflessness of "giving and giving" in human relationships(=The imperfection of the choice of the world of solitude that does not depend on others)

Inability to focus only on "giving", there are always conditions behind "giving", and it is impossible to reach the state of giving The figure of "doing" is the figure of working(=The imperfection of Rokuzensei, which means the spirit of service that keeps giving when you give)

In other words, from these things, true human power and attractiveness / attraction instinct will come to be understood as a person who can not demonstrate.

If you understand the "reason" that is the path of nature, you can predict the future that can happen "beyond" by being with this person in the future. It is the oriental destiny that can be done, and

Oriental future prediction and destiny technology,

Isn't it possible to understand the path that we have always walked together with thought philosophy?

Therefore, Eastern thought and destiny are ``the study of reason,'' and this is the biggest difference between Eastern and Western future prediction technology.

Among them, Sanmei was used to win the war, especially in the turbulent times of ancient China, which had been at war for over 500 years. The aspect of "strategy" that has been used is strong, and it is the emperor's imperial studies

Oriental destiny studies including Sanmei

Could you somehow imagine the characteristics of "Destiny is not the only one in Destiny?

In any case, if both the East and the West are seeking the truth, even if the "entrance" to climb the mountain is different, the view from the top of the mountain is "only one".

In the unlikely event that the scenery is different, it means that "someone" or "someone" has not yet climbed to the top of the mountain

Those who master the path always find the same place

Even if times change, even if the path to get there is different

Always end up in the same place

Kimetsu no Yaiba

The Beginning Swordsman" Enichi (Yoriichi)

Anytime, any genre

There is only one view that the "extreme thing" can see

There are tons of ways to approach that, but

Those who study sanmeigaku as emperor studies will naturally experience that the technology of predicting the future is just one part of the elements of sanmeigaku.

Continue again

②Historical background and differences between Eastern and Western astrology

I would like to mention

double orchid

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