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Children Born During Their Parent's Tenchūsatsu Period

During the Obon holiday, my younger brother and his wife returned to Japan for the first time in four years since Corona, and I joined them.

(My nephew is "Kiyoho" Chakki (Northern) x Tenshosei, basically non-stop, inexhaustible physical strength, and a 1-year-old niece is a monster that can't stop)

Actually, the niece is a child born to the mother's death, and without exception, the phenomenon peculiar to "a child born to the parents' death" is clear.

(I am also a child born in my mother's Tenchu Satsugetsu)

Basically, if the parent and child are of the opposite sex, there is no need to worry about the birth of a child during the Tenchūsatsu period. It is said that both Mother's Heavenly Assassination Period x Daughter are likely to be manifested.

Because + multiplied by + produces movement which is +, - and also produces +, and + is "movement" and brings about phenomenon as a driving force.


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When a girl (-) is born during the period of the mother (-)'s death, the child is too attracted to the mother before the "phenomenon" is brought about. It is said that they will become inseparable children

Actually, when my niece lost sight of her mother even for a little bit, she was completely obsessed with crying, and the adults around me, including myself, had a hard time

Thinking back, I was in a similar situation, and I cried a lot when my mother disappeared. As soon as I graduated from elementary school, I left my parents' house and started living in a dormitory.

The phenomenon of ``Children (girls) are too attracted to their mothers to be unable to leave their parents'' is something I can understand from my own experience.

The feeling that "mother = everything in my world/compass" exists as a default setting is especially noticeable in childhood

However, I am glad that I found a world in which I was interested in when I was a child, and I naturally and physically followed the path of "leaving my parent's home

It is popular for children born during the period of their parents to be killed in heaven. )

Because the physical separation, as it is, promotes mental independence, which has had a great impact on who I am today, and I feel that I have laid the foundation for who I am as a human being.

Of course, if it's a succession luck or an order that doesn't require you to leave your hometown, you can't force it, but even so, leaving your parent's home will bring independence to all people, so in that sense, I don't see it. If you live in the countryside where you can live normally at home

I think there are many cases where true independence and life digestion are impaired.

If you live away from your parents, you will be exposed to "conflict = training and polishing of reality", so beyond that, you will be encouraged to develop your own abilities, wisdom to devise life, and life skills to move between reality.

By the way, after I got involved in sanmei, I started to understand the behind-the-scenes “cause and effect” that I usually overlooked, and I wondered why I “naturally followed the path of independence.” When I think about the reason why, I can't help but think of the help of people other than myself, the virtue and virtue that my parents and ancestors have accumulated.

In fact, avoiding the dangers of "dangerous times" that come to everyone's life, such as the time of Tenchukasatsu, and "orders that are difficult to improve" are the right path, the neck of life. As a "guidance element" that separates the quality of a single skin, "virtue and virtue" cannot be avoided

For us modern people, when we hear about accumulating "virtue", science may feel like an ancient superstition or superstition that is savage.

Here exists the ``structural logic of the universe'' derived from a calm point of view by the ancient Orientals, excluding all emotions.


In the past, even online salons have explained the importance of ``success and virtue'' logically, so if you are interested, please refer to the salon article

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Law of Luck? What is the true meaning of "Those who are insidious have good retribution?"→< /u>

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If there is a phenomenon in the visible world, its cause and effect exist in the invisible world.

For the first time, people have experienced being saved with only a piece of skin on their neck, guided by such invisible guidance. You will feel awe and awe at the "provides of nature", and you will perceive various things.

As long as we don't understand the true meaning of cause and effect, we are still halfway there.

Like we inherit our bodies biologically

Actually, we parents and ancestors' "way of life" are passed on to their children and grandchildren.

Therefore, those who throw themselves into the rational and rational world of mathematics gradually feel awe and reverence for the solemnity and certainty of "Nature's providence" that goes beyond theory. What I don't have is that before I learn a thorough theory, it turns to the opposite, and I'm one of those people.

As I have learned this, I believe that the essence of learning numerology is the art of understanding it based on my own life experiences. I will continue to pay attention to the sharing of wisdom so that it will be full of wisdom.

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